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Inviting participants

You can invite participants by sharing your room link with them. Each room you create will have a unique room link. This room link will remain the same for every session that takes place in that room. You can access the room link from the main screen, as well as during a session.

Each Seshboard room can accommodate 50 people, inclusive of the host and co-hosts.

Accessing your room link from the main screen

The room link is shown on each of your rooms on the main screen. To copy the room link, click the "copy" icon on the right hand side of the room link:

You can now paste this room link into the message, email or calendar invite you'll be sending to your participants ahead of your session.

Accessing your room link during a session

You can access the room link via the participant menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen:

You can copy the room link from the URL bar in your web browser:

Next steps

Now that you have invited participants to your Seshboard session by sharing the room link with them, it's time to admit them to your session. To learn how to do this, click here.


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