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Managing your room

Seshboard makes it easy to manage your rooms. You can manage your rooms from the main screen before you start a session, as well as from within the room during a session.

Managing your room from the main screen

You can rename your room, set the default background for your sessions, upload your PDF presentation files, set up Flash Poll questions and select the YouTube videos you would like to play all from the main screen, without having to start a session or enter the room.

To manage your room, first click the "Manage" button from the main screen. The main screen is the screen you see when you first sign in to Seshboard.

You will then be taken to the room management screen:

When you are finished adding all of the media you plan to use, click the arrow at the top left hand corner of the page to return to the main screen

Managing your room during a session

You can also change your background and prepare the media you need from within the room, during a session. For more details on how to do this, please refer to the pages on backgrounds, PDF presentations, YouTube videos, and Miro whiteboards.

Next steps

Now that you have set up your room, it's time to invite your participants. To learn how to do this, click here.


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