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Presenting PDF slides

If you have slide materials you would like to present during your session, you can choose to do so either by showing them as PDF slides within Seshboard, or by sharing your screen to show PowerPoint presentations, Google Slides, or other apps.

We recommend presenting your slides in PDF format, for two reasons. First, this will allow you to easily see all of your participants and facilitate the conversation while you are presenting the slides. Second, if you send your participants into Breakout Sessions, they will continue to see the slides you are presenting while they're in their breakout groups. This is a great way to ensure your participants can easily refer to the instructions, discussion prompts, or other materials on your slides while they're in their breakouts.

Uploading your PDF slides to Seshboard

You can choose to upload your PDF slides either in advance of your session on the room management screen, or during the session.

Uploading PDF slides in advance of the session

Click the "Manage" button underneath the name of the room you will be using for your session, scroll down to the PDF Presentation Files section, and click the "+ Upload PDF" button:

You can upload as many PDF files you want to, and they will all be ready and available for you when you enter your room to deliver your session.

Uploading PDF slides during the session

You can easily upload PDF slides during the session. To do so, click the "Present a PDF" button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, and click the "Upload a PDF" button that appears in the menu:

You can upload as many PDF files as you need, and they will continue to be accessible to you in future sessions you hold in this room.

Presenting PDF slides

To present your PDF slides during the session, click the "Present a PDF" button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, select the PDF file you would like to present from the dropdown in the menu, and click the "Start" button:

You can control which page of the PDF file is being shown by clicking the left and right arrow icons immediately below the PDF:

You can easily switch to another PDF file by clicking the drop down menu at the bottom left hand corner of the PDF presentation:

Stop showing your PDF slides

To stop showing your PDF slides, click the "Stop" button at the bottom right hand corner of the PDF presentation.


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