Roundtable layout

Participants and facilitators are seated together in a circle of up to 20 people. Everyone's position in the circle is fixed, meaning that the order in which participants appear in the circle will be the same for everyone in the session.

The roundtable format is designed to be inclusive and avoid a sense of hierarchy during your sessions. It also helps enable more natural ways of communicating, such as taking turns around the circle to introduce oneself or reflect on what's just been said, or having participants turn to their neighbor for a quick discussion rather than sending everyone to breakout groups.

Repositioning participants in the circle

Facilitators can easily reposition people within the circle. To do so, click and drag a user's video to the position you would like to put them in, and the two users will swap positions.

Showing PDF presentations, sharing your screen, and using tools like YouTube, Google Docs and Miro

By default, when you show a PDF presentation file, share your screen, or use tools like Google Docs or Miro, those tools will open in the middle of the circle. This is so that everyone can easily continue the conversation at hand while viewing or interacting with the tools:

Users can easily expand the tools by clicking the "Resize" icon at the top right hand corner of the tool and selecting their preferred size. By default, when facilitators resize the tools, they will be resized for everyone else in the room at the same time. This is to help ensure that all of the participants experience the tool in the way the facilitator expects. Facilitators can choose to resize the tool for themselves, without resizing it for everyone else in the room, by disabling the "Change for everyone" toggle in the resize menu:

When the user is viewing the tool in expanded mode, they will see everyone's videos move to the top of the screen where they will be arranged in a line. Users positions in the line will correspond to their position in the circle - for example, if you are seated between user A and user B in the circle, you will continue to be seated between user A and user B in the line: