Release Notes

The Seshboard Team is hard at work building exciting new features to help you run game-changing online workshops. Check out the details of our latest releases below:

May 10, 2022

New Features
  • Anonymous chat: facilitators can now enable "Anonymous chat." When this setting is enabled, all new chat messages are created anonymously. Chat messages that are created when this setting is enabled will continue to be anonymous even after "Anonymous chat" is disabled.

Bug fixes
  • YouTube audio: The problem where users couldn't hear YouTube audio (even though they could hear other users) has been resolved. Seshboard will now always use the default "audio out" setting selected on the user's device to prevent audio-out device conflicts

Other Improvements
  • Screen sharing: facilitators can now control whether participants have permission to share their screens (via the Room Settings menu)

  • Backgrounds: facilitators can choose whether to "lighten" the image being used for their custom background. Seshboard's built-in backgrounds do not have this option

May 2, 2022

New Features
  • Video background blurring: users can now enable video background blurring, both before joining a session and during the session

  • Pop-out chat: users can now pop their chat box out into a new window, and move it wherever they'd like (including to another screen)

Bug Fixes
  • YouTube on iPads: the problem where YouTube videos would not play on iPads has been fixed. Now, users on iPads will be shown instructions to tap the "play" button if the video does not automatically start for them

  • Screen sharing: the problem where the screen seemed to "jitter" when facilitators stopped the screen sharing feature when it was being being used by a participant has been fixed

  • Breakout room timer: the problem where facilitators couldn't see the breakout room timer while using the screen share feature has been fixed

  • Breakout room controls: the problem where facilitators couldn't end breakout sessions when the screen sharing feature was active has been fixed

Other Improvements
  • Breakout sessions: now facilitators can use Miro, YouTube, Google Docs, Flash Polls and Screen Sharing, in addition to presenting PDFs, during breakout sessions