We help trainers spark magical moments

Seshboard combines an interactive virtual space with powerful new experiential learning tools to help you conduct remote training that feels natural and engaging


Let's get moving

Choose the perfect background for the activity or conversation you want to lead, and walk your videos around the screen in an interactive virtual space


"Discuss this with your neighbor..."

Have your participants naturally turn to their neighbor for a quick discussion, and recapture the spontaneity and connection of in-person gatherings

Seamless access to your favorite apps

Brainstorm on Miro, watch YouTube videos together, and take notes on Google Docs directly in Seshboard, without needing to navigate different windows and tabs


Set the scene for engagement

Customize your background, stage and tables to create the perfect virtual room for your sessions

Lead in-person workshops, online

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Our Clients and Partners

Liz Kearins

"Seshboard surprises and delights. It makes online workshops work."

Liz Kearins, Director Performance Partnerships 

Actrua Performance Cultures

"We love making the room our own, having participants move around the space, enabling those neighbour chats, and brainstorming with Miro.

The support is first class and the Seshboard team is constantly working on new features that our participants leave raving about."

Myriam Hadnes

"Seshboard brings the connection and engagement of face-to-face workshops to the online space."

Myriam Hadnes, Curator of the NeverDoneBefore Facilitation Community

"As the curator of NDB, I’ve followed Seshboard's development since its beginning. From day one, Seshboard has convinced us by its design that it brings the connection and engagement of face-to-face workshops to the online space.


Seshboard includes features I’ve never seen in other tools before, and continues to spark joy and creativity among participants."

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