All-in-one online workshop platform

Seshboard combines your favorite apps like Miro, Google Docs and YouTube with powerful new facilitation tools to help you lead game-changing group discussions online


Seamless access to your favorite apps

Use Google Docs, Miro and YouTube directly in Seshboard, without needing to switch back and forth between different tabs and windows

Let's get moving

Upload the perfect background for the activity or conversation you want to lead, and let your participants walk their videos around the screen

"Discuss this with your neighbor..."

Have your participants naturally turn to their neighbor for a quick discussion, without sending everyone off to separate breakout groups

Hear every voice

Use tailor-made facilitation tools like the Talking Stick to ensure that every voice has a chance to be heard

Don't present... Discuss

Lead round-table discussions that are as natural and engaging as they are in-person

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