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Flash polls

You can ask poll or survey questions to your participants using Seshboard's Flash Poll feature.

You can easily set up your Flash Poll questions in advance of your sessions via the Room Management screen, or during a session within the room itself.

Setting up new Flash Polls in advance of a session

To set up a Flash Poll question in advance of your session, first navigate to the Room Management screen by clicking the "Manage" button for your room:

From there, scroll down to the "Flash Polls" section, and click "+ New Flash Poll". Type in your question and the possible answers, and click "Create Flash Poll". Your poll is now ready for you to use during your session:

Setting up new Flash Polls during a session

To start a new Flash Poll, first click the "Flash Polls" button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to open the Flash Polls menu:

On the Flash Poll menu, you can type your question as well as your possible answers. By default, two option fields are visible. To add more possible answers to your Flash Poll, click the "+ Add Option" button below the second option.

Launching your Flash Poll question

After you've selected your pre-created Flash Poll question, or created a new Flash Poll question during your session, you can pose the question to everyone in your room by clicking the "Start" button.

The Flash Poll question, along with the possible answers, will appear on the right hand side of everyone's screens. Participants select their answer by clicking the button with the appropriate letter. If you would like to share the results of the poll to everyone in the room, click the toggle button currently labelled "Results are hidden"

After clicking this toggle button, the label will change to "Results are visible," and everyone in the room will see the results of the poll.

Stopping the Flash Poll

To stop the Flash Poll, click the "Stop" button on the Flash Poll menu. If you have already closed this menu, you can open again it by clicking the "Flash Poll" button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Viewing past Flash Poll results

You can view the results of your previous Flash Poll questions by clicking the "View Previous Polls" button on the Flash Poll menu:

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