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GroupMap is integrated directly into Seshboard, making it easy to run powerful group brainstorming sessions during your sessions.

Starting GroupMap in Seshboard

To start GroupMap in Seshboard, click the "GroupMap" button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to open the GroupMap menu:

Adding GroupMap maps to your room

You can easily add maps to your room before the session from the Room Management screen, or from within the room itself.

To add a new map to your room from within the room itself, click the "Add a GroupMap" button on the GroupMap menu. Copy the invite link to the map you created in GroupMap, and paste it into the field labelled "Paste your GroupMap invite link here." Be sure to give your map a title so that you can easily identify it from the list of maps you've added to your Seshboard room. Your map will now appear in the list of maps videos available for your room:

Important Note: if your participants will be interacting with the map directly, make sure to add the "Contributor" invite link (not the "Viewer" link) for the map you created

Using GroupMap with your participants

To start using GroupMap with your participants, select the map you want to launch from the dropdown menu, and click "Start". GroupMap will then open up directly for you and your participants:

You and your participants will be prompted to sign in to GroupMap when it opens up in Seshboard. Please note that signing in to GroupMap with Google/Facebook/LinkedIn is not supported when accessing GroupMap within Seshboard. Your participants will be prompted to sign in using their email address instead of Google/Facebook/LinkedIn with the following instruction message:

If your participants try to sign in using Google/Facebook/LinkedIn, GroupMap will fail to load. In this case, they can reload GroupMap and sign in using their email address by clicking the reload icon in the top right hand corner of the GroupMap window:

Stopping GroupMap

To stop GroupMap, click the "Stop" button at the bottom right hand corner of the GroupMap window.

Exploring GroupMap's features

For more information on how to use the features in GroupMap, check out the GroupMap user guide here.


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