Recording sessions

As a 'Pro' or 'Team Leader' account holder, you can record your sessions to the cloud, and view and download them from the room management screen.

Starting recording

To record your session, first click the "Record Session" icon at the bottom right-hand side of the screen:

This will open the record session menu. To begin recording, click the "Start Recording" button. You and your participants will receive a notification letting them know that the session is being recorded:

Stopping recording

To stop recording your session, open the record session menu and click "Stop Recording."

Multiple recordings of a single session

You can start and stop the recording feature multiple times during the session. Each recording that you make will be saved as a separate video file.

Accessing session recordings

To access the recordings of your session, first click the "Manage" button from the main screen. The main screen is the screen you see when you first sign in to Seshboard. Then, click the "Video Recordings" tab:

Note, it may take a few minutes after your session has ended for the video recording to appear in your list. If you don't see your video listed here, wait for 10-15 minutes and then refresh the page.

Seshboard takes some time to process your video and make it available for viewing. If the video is still being processed, you will see a note below the video saying that the video is "queued for for processing."

Viewing and downloading your session recordings

Once your video has finished processing, it will be available for you to view and download. To view the video in the browser, click the purple "Play" icon on the video. To download the video, click the "..." menu and click "Download"